Special Announcement About Range Operations

Effective Immediately Until Further Notice

Range is closed for normal operations on the weekdays due to logging. For holiday or weekend shooting the RSO must perform an expanded range safety inspection as indicated below....


Walk all the areas behind the Rifle Range berm , Pistol Range berm, and behind the Skeet range . If no active machine operation is observed or heard, or logging staff observed, the downrange area from the park should be safe for normal operation. Indicate this area has been inspected on the range check list comments before opening the range. (Steve Cox-CRSO)

Meeting and Activities

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Next Meeting: December 8, 2019 at 2:30 pm.

See the announcement below about paying your range dues.

Range Dues




At our December 8, 2019 Chapter Meeting, we would appreciate the members paying their 2020 park fee of $50.00.

Members have the option to pay the park fee:

·  on line using PayPal found on our web site.   

·  At the meeting, we accept cash or a check

·  you also have the option to send the payment to our PO Box at: Wildlife Action – Pee Dee Chapter, PO Box 5022, Florence, SC  29502

October 2019 Newsletter

October 2019 WLA Pee Dee Chapter Newsletter (pdf)


About Us


Beliefs and Values

• Raise Public Awareness to diminishing wildlife habitat
• Effectively secure, protect and manage wildlife habitat
• Protect rivers and wetlands from unnecessary destruction and development
• Work to reduce poaching, trespassing and other illegal and inconsiderate outdoor activities; encourage improved behavior of irresponsible outdoor users
• Educate all people, hunters & non-hunters, that our natural resources belong to everyone & that all should share in the cost & benefits of perpetuating them
• Obtain facts on legitimate issues and bypass emotional causes
• Don't just criticize, offer vital alternatives to problems
• Continue working on valid freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses for all individuals ages 16-65 regardless of the type fishing device used
• Share with our youth the outdoor traditions that we have enjoyed and together work to protect those traditions for future generations
• Support the right to keep and bear arms.

MOTTO: “Local folks solving local problems”
SLOGAN: “To put back more than we take” 


Become A Member

The Pee Dee Chapter is part of a national organization Wildlife Action, Inc., located in Mullins,SC. To join WLA contact them:  http://www.wildlifeaction.com. Phone:(842)464-8473

To find out more about becoming a member of the Pee Dee Chapter visit  our membership page.


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