Effective 01/01/2019

Pee Dee-WLA Membership Policy

There are two levels of membership in Wildlife Action.

Tier 1 Membership

You can join the national organization and be as signed to the Pee Dee Chapter.

The Pee Dee Wildlife Action facilities offer great amenities at reasonable cost compared to other facilities in the area. It is staffed, operated, and maintained entirely by volunteers. Membership in the PDWLA is obtained by successfully completing an application to WLA (National) and being assigned to the Pee Dee Chapter. Family membership is available. Individuals 18 or older are required to have their own WLA membership.

Tier 1 is a limited membership option. Your support of the objectives of Wildlife Action is greatly appreciated. However, this membership category alone does not provide access to the Pee Dee Chapter’s Local Park shooting ranges.

Tier 2 Membership (required for range use)

Join the Pee Dee Chapter Local Park (includes shooting range privileges). This membership level also requires Tier 1 membership.

Local Park Membership is an option available to all WLA and PDWLA chapter members. Local Park membership is a privilege that involves significant responsibility and commitment. New Local Park members must be willing to obtain and maintain NRA Range Safety Officer certification. This certification may require active membership in the National Rifle Association (NRA). Local Park fees are listed on the web page and are subject to change. Individuals (unless they are a guest) must be a

member of the Local Park to use the Range Facilities. Individuals 18 or older are required to have their own PDWLA Local Park membership.

Steps to become a new member of the Wildlife Action Pee Dee Chapter Local Park

1. Inquire if PDWLA Local Park openings are available (membership openings may be limited). You can

use the links on this site to submit the inquiry.

2. Provide one letter of recommendation to the PDWLA Board that attests to the good character and

volunteer track record of the candidate. The recommendation letter must be from a PDWLA Local Park

member in good standing who will serve as the candidate’s sponsor for membership.

3. Candidates with a valid South Carolina issued CWP are preferred. All candidates must be willing to submit to a background check. A background check is at the discretion of the Board. A background check may be required even if the individual has a current CWP. If a background check is performed, a background check fee must be paid at this point for the new membership process to continue.

4. The candidate must attend at least one monthly meeting for introduction to the membership and to learn about PDWLA and Local Park operation

5. The candidate’s membership is voted upon by the PDWLA Board.

6. If the Board confirms the membership application, the candidate becomes a PDWLA Local Park member after paying the WLA general annual membership fee, any local Pee Dee Chapter Local Park initiation fee in effect, and the local annual Pee Dee Chapter Local Park Fee for the calendar year.

Note: Hunt Club membership may also be an option if openings are available (additional annual fee required).

• Total Fees = WLA membership + Background check fee (if performed) + Initiation + Local Park Fee +

Hunt Club Fee (optional)

• Scholarship funds or fee waiver(s) may be possible if candidate expresses hardship condition to the PDWLA President and funds are available.

• New membership is not transferable. Fees or membership costs are not prorated or refundable.