Why do I need to come to the monthly meeting?

At a minimum to learn about policy changes and at the beginning of the year to pay dues and receive a new key. Locks are changed every year after the February meeting.

Why do we have to wait until 2pm to shoot on Sundays?

This is a historical practice to accommodate the local church and our neighbors...

Why are RSOs required to perform annual volunteer hours?

RSOs  in good standing are issued a gate key that allows personal use of the facilities. In exchange for this privilege, RSOs are required  to perform a minimum of 12 volunteer hours each calendar year. Three of the hours must be scheduled on a weekend...this helps maintain open range hours for non-RSO park users. Refer to the SOP page 17 for a more detailed explanation.

Why can't I use the range after paying WLA National dues and the Local Park Fee?

Unless somebody is a guest, shooters must be vetted before they are authorized to use the range,. This change was implemented in January, 2018. Refer to the SOP for details

How can I renew my WLA National membership?

This can be done several ways. . . 

  1. Online: www.wildlifeactionpeedee.com,
  2. Call National HQ at (843)464-8473
  3. Send a check to WLA National, 405 N Main St. Mullins, SC 29574

How can I pay the annual Pee Dee Chapter Local Park fee?

There are several ways to do this:

  1. Online: www.wildlifeactionpeedee.com
  2. Pay the Treasurer at a chapter meeting..
  3. By mail: PDWLA, P. O. Box 5022, Florence, SC 29502.

What should I do if I signed up for RSO date and time, then become unable to staff that session?

Life happens...if you have ample time to "unschedule or reschedule" the session, use the web page "schedule a RSO session. List the original date and time, then leave the pertinent details in the message box. This helps update the calendar for all to see. If you are able to arrange for another RSO to step in and cover the session, that's acceptable. Otherwise contact the PDWLA Secretary or other officer and we'll try to quickly updated.

Ask sign from FAQ secition of the we site.

How to Renew NRA Credentials (RSO and related)

1. go to www.nrainstructors.org/

2. next page will have Trainers Access Box as an option on RH side with a padlock icon....click on box

3. next page will come up that requires login.(If you dont have a login, you can set one up)

4. After successful login, the next page will come up showing your personal NRA ratings (like RSO) and their expiration date

    Look at the box in the lower LH corner of this same page titled "NRA Trainers Account Management". Click on the line item in this box that says "renew ratings"

5. The next page that comes up is a typical credit card renewal transaction....this should take care of needed renewals and should generate a new expiration date for the selected item(s) after a successful transaction.

6. If your NRA renewal transaction charged your credit card, but did not automatically provide a new expiration date in the database (or you had other related issues) call the NRA Training Help Desk at (703)267-1500 for assistance. You may have to leave a detailed message.